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Young skaters!

School sport

Introduce the thrill of roller skating to your students with The Roller Skating Academy.

We will work with your school to integrate roller skating classes into your physical education curriculum, promoting:

- Physical fitness and coordination
- Team-building and social skills
- Confidence and self-esteem
- Fun and excitement!

Our programs are designed to be easy to implement and adaptable to your school's needs.

Let us help you give your students a unique and engaging learning experience. Send us an email to start working together.

Private or small group class

Help your little ones roll into a lifetime of fun, fitness, and confidence! Our roller skating classes for kids develop essential coordination and balance skills, setting them up for success in sports and life. 
Let us help your child build a strong foundation and a love for physical activity that will last a lifetime!

Send us an email for more info!

Birthday parties

Celebrate your child's special day with a unique and unforgettable roller skating party! Our parties combine a fun roller skating class with games, friends, and dancing - the perfect recipe for an unforgettable celebration! We will guide the kids through an exciting experience, teaching them basic roller skating skills and playing fun games. Plus, we'll get the party ending with some cool roller skating dance moves! Let`s create a "core memory" birthday party together.

Send us an email for more info!


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