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Based on my years of experience as a student, competitor and coach, the structure of classes that we carry out at the academy was born. The fabulous thing about this scheme of work is that it allows skaters to grow in their technique while taking care of their body and having fun in community.

Warm up

Undoubtedly the most fundamental segment and at the same time, the most underrated by amateur skaters, the warm-up is the moment where we get our bodies ready to start our section. Skating is a demanding physical activity that tests muscle groups, joints and tendons that we usually do not load in our daily routine. That's why a serious off-skates workout is key to avoid injuries and enjoy 100% on wheels.​

Technique Review

Time has shown me that those skaters who know and understand the fundamentals of skating are able to advance much faster in their learning curve and then easily solve the challenges that new tricks can present. The goal of this part of the class is to educate our body on wheels, work on our balance and acquire the core tools of skating to make our adventure more fun and simple.


We all love to unlock tricks that is why we learn new ones in every class. However, experience has taught me that the real challenge lies in learning how to connect them fluidly. This is where the choreography we practice throughout the month gets relevant, allowing us to become more complete and adaptable skaters. 


The last minutes of the class are spent relaxing and stretching. No less important than the previous segments, here our body lowers its heart rate and prepares us to go back home happy! 

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